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Testimonials — 60 Comments

  1. We visit Siem Reap every year for 13 years. We are delivering Japanese picture books for children who do not have the color of the picture book.At that time,Sary will helps us always. He help us carrying the heavy box of books. He help us feel good. We are sincerely grateful and this year he took us to distant Koke Ruins. His explanation, easy to understand, so it’s a very enjoyable journey. Please help us next summer. You are my best driver, Mr.Sary

  2. Thank you Charlie for your good comment and feedback. I will updates the prices you mentioned. I hope you enjoy your travels. Good luck to you and your family. See you again. Sary.

  3. Quality and reliable tuk tuk service from Sary. I found out about him through his website and booked 2 full-day (small and large circuit) Angkor tours through WhatsApp. He responded promptly and we were able to arrange the meeting time and price a day ahead. Albeit bumpy, we travelled on his tuk tuk to all of the temples and watched the sunrise on the second day. He was punctual, trustworthy and enthusiastic throughout the journey.

    Two minors things I hope he can improve on. The website needs be updated to reflect the increase in price. And, he brought me to an expensive restaurant for lunch when he could’ve told about other options too.

    Overall, I was satisfied with the experience. I’m pleased to recommend him for Angkor tours.

  4. Sary was very accommodating during the two days I booked with him. It was very convenient to ride in an air conditioned car and to see whichever temples I wanted without the restrictions of a group tour. He was very helpful with other things too, like offering to take me to a travel agency to book a bus ticket I needed. Thank you!

  5. My boyfriend and I spent two wonderful days exploring Angkor with Sary. He is extremely friendly, knowledgeable, punctual and flexible. Even though we slightly changed our itinerary during the day, Sari was very accommodating which we really appreciated. Would highly recommend him!

  6. We just finished the big circuit at Angkor Archeological Park with Sary as our tuk ruk driver and had a magical day! Sary was also our driver for a trip to collect our Angkor 3 day pass, a sunset trip, and the small circuit of Angkor Archeological Park and he was really helpful.

    I got up early this morning (4.15am *gulp*) for a 4.45am start to watch the sun rise at Angkor Wat. Sary was on time. Actually, he was early as I was on time and he was already waiting!

    He gave us clear instructions on where to meet him for the next leg of our tour as some bits you have to walk through to see it all rather than double back on yourself. It mames sense.

    He took care of our belongings if we left it behind and was very trustworthy and reliable. Sary drives safely and doesn’t drive like a snail so we made good time, and as a lone woman on one trip, I felt perfectly at ease.

    Sary speaks and writes good English so it’s really easy to chat to him and he was able to properly convey where we should go to make the most of our temple visit. He has water for peoples on the tours but we had our own.

    Sary is a genuine family man and We will certainly use Sary as our driver in the future.

  7. We spent 2 wonderfull days with Sary, who brought us the first day by Tuk Tuk to sunrise Angkor and the second day by car to Phnom Penh to killing fieldsand Tuol Sleng 21.
    He was always a very good and reliable driver, being on time, answering immediately our questions before booking and giving us many informations on his land and people during the trip.
    Thanks again for the fantastic time you spent with us!

  8. We booked a half a day tour with Sary. He was very reliable answered all of my emails and questions and was on time for our meeting. I can only recommend!

  9. I contacted Sary by email to avail his services and he replied right away. He was attached for the days we required so he recommended his brother Ann. He arrived promptly at the agreed time for the three days that we toured the temples. He was courteous and a careful and skilled driver. He was always ready to answer questions and suggest places.

    We are a couple and we didn’t want to haggle or formulate a plan once we landed in Siem Reap so we looked for a tuktuk service we could trust online. With Sary’s services, we could plan a week ahead and look at the prices he quoted on his website and the itineraries so we knew what to expect.

    We highly recommend Ann and Sary for their exemplary service!

  10. Without any doubt: choose Sary! Punctual, trustly and very nice.
    We arrange our tour by mail. He answered us all our questions very quickly. Tuk Tuk or car, depends of your budget. Sary has standard tours but if you want anything different, you can ask for him. Very lucky to find him!

  11. I booked Sary to drive me around Siem Reap last year and I was so happy that I booked him again this year. He did not disappoint me, he took me to some really interesting places with his usual kindness and punctuality. He is reliable, honest, friendly and very knowledgeable about anything you might want to see in Siem Reap. I am planning on returning again next year and I will, of course, be booking Sary. Incidentally, he now has a great Lexus so he can take you on longer excursions. Next year he has promised to drive me down to Phnom Penh which I am really looking forward to. Take care Sary and see you next year.

  12. I had the privilege of using a Sary’s Tuk Tuk service this past weekend. I am very satisfied with his service and absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for a Tuk Tuk to visit the Angkor Wat area. He picked us up at 4:30am and brought us to Angkor Wat in time for the sunrise which was a wonderful experience! He toured us through the greater Angkor Wat area and he was always on time and very flexible with our schedules. Later in the evening he took us to a boat dock where we enjoyed a beautiful sunset on the Tonle Sap.

    Also, halfway through the day while I was at the temples, I realized I had left my camera in the bus I had taken from Bangkok to Siem Reap. Freaking out, I thought I would never see my camera again. Sary calmed me down and got in contact with he bus service, and together we retrieved my camera! I thought this was going above and beyond. He didn’t have to do this, but he did. Sary is a great guy, providing a great service!

  13. Sary was fantastic.I hired him for three days and the punctuality he had was perfect.Always on time and very professional.
    In a place Cambodia it’s always better to have a safe person to take you on tour.I strongly recommend him.

  14. You gave me great help for my activities this year, again. In particular, your help in Roluos village, saved me greatly. When I travel with you to Tonle Sap you was a lot of fun. We will be back to help the much poor children and villagers who are waiting for our help come together next year too. Thank you. See you next year.

  15. After searching online for a Tuk Tuk driver to Siem Reap, we found Sary’s Website. We contacted him before hand through WhatsApp and he was always responsive. We hired him for 2 days and he was always on time and gave us all necessary directions. He is a very respectful and nice person, we had a great time and enjoyed Siem Reap in the company of Sary. We highly recommend him for tours in the area. Thank you Sary!

  16. we found Sary very helpful and honest and did make good suggestions during our stay.and he is also very accurate on time… well recommended!!!

  17. We have just spent an excellent 3 days in Siem Reap using Sary and his trusty tuktuk. Always punctual and very informative Sary looked after us very very well and made our visit so much more enjoyable. So thank you Sary and keep up the good work.

  18. We enjoyed the professional tuk tuk and car with aircon of Sary.
    Sary is helpful and made our Angkor experience great.
    We strongly recommend Sary and his cousing Winne for visiting Siem Reap and sorrounding areas.

  19. Hello Michelle I am very happy you had a good time at Angkor. Thank you, my website now shows new Angkor Ticket prices. Good luck to you and your family. Kind regards, Sary.

  20. We found Sary via his website and did the sunset viewing as well as the all day small circuit tour starting from sunrise (it was a big day). We also hired a guide via Sary – Thy. It was great to do the temples with Sary and Thy. Sary was always punctual, always there to rescue us from the intense sun when we were finished at a location, and even had chilled water waiting for us in the Tuk Tuk – necessary on the temple trips! Thy was very knowledgeable, knew all the best places for a photo, always offered to take photos of my partner and I together when there was a good opportunity to do so, and took us to a few quiter temples that I think large tour groups wouldn’t normally include (which I appreciated). Had an excellent day, only small criticism is that Sary should look at updating the prices on his website. All ticket prices went up in 2017, and as a result, Sary’s have had to as well. They’re still competitive and good value, just slightly different to what the website states. Thanks Sary and Thy!!

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