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Testimonials — 47 Comments

  1. You gave me great help for my activities this year, again. In particular, your help in Roluos village, saved me greatly. When I travel with you to Tonle Sap you was a lot of fun. We will be back to help the much poor children and villagers who are waiting for our help come together next year too. Thank you. See you next year.

  2. After searching online for a Tuk Tuk driver to Siem Reap, we found Sary’s Website. We contacted him before hand through WhatsApp and he was always responsive. We hired him for 2 days and he was always on time and gave us all necessary directions. He is a very respectful and nice person, we had a great time and enjoyed Siem Reap in the company of Sary. We highly recommend him for tours in the area. Thank you Sary!

  3. we found Sary very helpful and honest and did make good suggestions during our stay.and he is also very accurate on time… well recommended!!!

  4. We have just spent an excellent 3 days in Siem Reap using Sary and his trusty tuktuk. Always punctual and very informative Sary looked after us very very well and made our visit so much more enjoyable. So thank you Sary and keep up the good work.

  5. We enjoyed the professional tuk tuk and car with aircon of Sary.
    Sary is helpful and made our Angkor experience great.
    We strongly recommend Sary and his cousing Winne for visiting Siem Reap and sorrounding areas.

  6. Hello Michelle I am very happy you had a good time at Angkor. Thank you, my website now shows new Angkor Ticket prices. Good luck to you and your family. Kind regards, Sary.

  7. We found Sary via his website and did the sunset viewing as well as the all day small circuit tour starting from sunrise (it was a big day). We also hired a guide via Sary – Thy. It was great to do the temples with Sary and Thy. Sary was always punctual, always there to rescue us from the intense sun when we were finished at a location, and even had chilled water waiting for us in the Tuk Tuk – necessary on the temple trips! Thy was very knowledgeable, knew all the best places for a photo, always offered to take photos of my partner and I together when there was a good opportunity to do so, and took us to a few quiter temples that I think large tour groups wouldn’t normally include (which I appreciated). Had an excellent day, only small criticism is that Sary should look at updating the prices on his website. All ticket prices went up in 2017, and as a result, Sary’s have had to as well. They’re still competitive and good value, just slightly different to what the website states. Thanks Sary and Thy!!

  8. Sary was our tuk-tuk driver for 3 days and we was very satisfied with him. He was on time every day, try to absolve everything that we had on itinerary (ok, there was too much things in than not had time for ecerything), book for us a Koulen dinner, deal for us a coconut, take back to the hotel… He do not try to change the argued money and do not chat about boring things – he was nice, helpful and kind all the time. I recommend him warmly for your stay in Siem Reap. Ps: at first communicate with him by e-mail and ask him lots of questions, he will answer to you in any theme – around entrance tickets, tours, bookings…

  9. I highly recommend Sary’s Tuktuk Service when you visit to Siem Reap. He is friendly, polite, accomodating and professional. He can speak english well.

    He brought us around the city, temples and on our way back to aiport. I was amazed by his punctuality since we only have one day tour in the city. He patiently waited for us during our short circuit temple visit and provided us unlimited water bottle. He charged us reasonable and affordable price compare to others.

    Thank you very much Sary for making our trip more memorable and it was nice meeting you!

  10. Thanks Sary for touring us around Siem Reap. We had a wonderful and unforgettable trip with you. Thank you for your excellent service! Hope to see you again!

  11. My friends and I visited the Angkor Wat temple, Bayon temple and Angkor Thom with Sary as the Tuktuk driver. Booking with him is very convenient. He is easily searchable in the web browser and responds quickly to our inquiries. He is also a very courteous driver and we highly recommend him. Thank you again, Sary!

  12. I was all day with Mr Sary and I found myself very well. He is a kind, timely and well-prepared boy on the temple area. He made me a full tour giving me some valuable information. Absolutely cuddled! When I return to this area we will definitely use sary again. Thank you Sary.

  13. What a great guy! After 6 days of seeing ruins after ruins, temples after temples, Sary closed our trip with a beautiful Tuk Tuk ride in the outskirts of busy Siem Reap town. Sary was very accommodating along the way and we got to see and speak to some villages and children, as well as take some pretty pictures of the country side. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with him! Highly recommended. Thank you Sary!

    Chris & Belle

  14. I have found Mr Sary service from the website, and I picked him because I read good comments about his honesty and friendly characters. Thank you Sary and his cousin Thom for driving us around the Museums,Temples,Restaurants around Siem Reap for 3 days. Although it was hot and we had lots of walking to do to get though all the temples, there always cold mineral water waiting for us after the walking. The tuk tuk price are reasonable too!

    We would highly recommend Mr Sary to your family and friends when they visit Siem Reap!

  15. Mr. Sary provided us with excellent service on our two day trip to Seim Reap. The tuk tuk was very comfortable on the long trip to Prasat Beng Mealea. I really enjoyed seeing the countryside and the fresh air. The hotel and restaurants were quite nice. We never had to wait for him at any time. We would recommend Sary to anyone and hope to see him again the next time we come. Best wishes to you, Mr. Sary, and your family.

  16. My wife and i used Mr Sary’s tuk tuk service for 5 days in siem reap, was extremely pleased with the wonderful experince he provided. His professionalism and courteous character made us felt so accommodated and welcomed.

    Since it was our first time in Cambodia, he was so helpful, guiding us and telling about history of many places.

    We enjoyed our vacation to Cambodia,
    Thanks Mr Sary for making my trip a fantastic and memorable one. We will definitely come back again and we will contact you for service again, which is highly recommendable. I will pass your contact to friends and family who are going to Siem Reap.

    Thanks mate,

    Dewen & wife

  17. Just completed a last minute day trip to Siem Reap. Found Mr Sary’s details through the internet and luckily he was available to take us around.

    Mr Sary is a very polite and very accomodating, and very prompt in replying whatsapp messages. We (party of 3) took a small circuit tour of Angkor that started promptly at 4.30am. Mr Sary arrived punctually and waited for us while we explored each temple. In the evening, we went on a sunset boat ride along the Tonle Sap Lake.

    I very highly recommend Mr Sary. He was wonderful to talk with, kind and very polite. Please if you are ever in Siem Reap, please contact Mr Sary, you will not regret it.

    Sary, good luck to you my friend. Stay safe and healthy.

  18. We highly recommend Mr. Sary with his Tuk Tuk. He was always very polite, honest and helpful. We were pleased about his knowledge of the area and we also appreciated his price (it was worth each cent). Many thanks for the excellent service. Andrea, Susanne, Simon, Celine, Luise from Germany

  19. A helpful guide especially if you are traveling with children as safety was emphasized at all times. Food recommendation by him was excellent. An honest person as well as polite, would surely recommend him especially first time travelers

  20. I had contacted Sary on Whatsapp from India and had prebooked for Tuktuk ride. He was very helpful regarding my trip planning stage over whatsapp. He assured me pickup from Bus station, Sightseeing from 4:40am in the morning and drop at bus station. Believe me it was just because of him that I didn’t take any tension regarding Siem Reap visit. He was up to the mark as a Tuktuk driver, city guide and as a human being. Was fluent in English. It was a pleasure meeting you Mr Sary!

  21. We managed to pre-book Sary as our tuk tuk driver through email for our 3 days tour in Siem Reap. He replied our messages promptly and even provided us the 3 days visting plans with the reasonable and affordable fee. He can speak fluently in English and explained well the places we visited. He also punctual and waited us patiently while exploring the temples. Highly recommend for his sevices.

  22. Sary is a very nice guy. He is very honest and polite. He can speak and understand english with no problem. He was also very prompt in picking us up in the mornings.

    The time we spent in siem reap will be unforgetable because of him.

    Thank you sary and congratulations on your new born son.

  23. I was very fortunate to find Sary on the internet and booked him before my trip to Siem Reap from 15-19 October. I travelled alone and felt really safe and cared for by him as well as being taken to the most amazingly beautiful places. I fell in love with Cambodia and its people and am planning on returning next year and I will most definitely be booking Sary again as I feel he is more than just my tuktuk driver, I now consider him a friend. Thanks for everything Sary.

  24. Wow. It was nice to have Sary on the second day of our trip, after spending a huge service fee to our hotel tour service on the first day. He is a man with great passion in his job. He took us on a long tour to a real, non commercial village side and suggested a good restaurant for our dinner. He made sure we were not bullied by the local sellers. On the second day, he took us on a complete city tour as we requested. We did not miss the tour guide as Sary stopped in between to explain the significance and shared his experience as a local. His charges are very reasonable and comparatively lower.
    We recommend his tuktuk service for a day or short tour around Siem Reap. We assure you that his service will be the best and you will enjoy the most.
    Nagarajan and Poonkuzhali from Shenzhen, China

  25. We booked Sary in Siem Reap last week based on a request through whatsapp only the previous day. He immediately responded and agreed to take us around on the long circuit trip of Angkor Wat. Based on the pleasant experience we decided to use his services to visit Beng Mealea. He is a man of few words but has a very professional approach. His approach towards his guests is commendable. We would highly recommend him to all friends and acquaintances.
    Thanks Sary.

  26. How are you my friend. This year is the memorable age for me. Ten years passed from the donation of the first village well. Every year you bring me to the village of the new well, and you help make a Mobile picture book library for the children. I leave driving to you in peace. Thank you Mr.Sary very much. Take care your health. See you next summer.

  27. We booked Sary’s service 1 month in advance. He replied to our messages within a couple of hours, he gave us a quote for the services and we booked it. He also emailed us a couple of days before to confirm the booking. His brother picked us up to buy the tickets and we went to see the sunset. Although you can use your tickets for the next day, there was a two-hour wait to enter the temple and we decided to go around and take some pictures. On the following day, Sary came and picked us up to do the smal circuit (most important temples), he followed the itineray, showed us where to go and even took us to have lunch (slightly overpirced tourist restaurant). He has a great attitude, gave us some advice but was never intrusive or pushy to sell us his services. He also provided us with complimentary cold water at evey stop. We also hired him to take us to the National Museum, and some places around the city for half a day. His prices are reasonable, he is nice and well-mannered and I have already recommended him to my friends that would like to visit Angkor.

  28. My wife and I saw some of the positive comments on Sary whilst researching our Cambodia trip. We pre-booked him for a tour of the main temples and his knowledge really helped to make the trip special. He also managed to fit us in for the journey to pick up a boat for the floating village, helping us to get there and negotiating the tickets. A lovely and knowledgeable chap who will not disappoint or overcharge you. Excellent!

  29. Found Sary services via random online searching & engage him for 3days (27-29 May 2016) after looking at his reasonable packages and also reading through all the comments. Communication was easy as he’s prompt in replying mail & attending my queries despite without booking confirmation. He was always on time, friendly, well spoken in english and as mentioned by all, he always ready the cool water for us to refresh. Some lady traveller might often worry on male Tuk Tuk driver but no worry, he definitely gave you the security feeling and hey, Siem Reap was safe afterall! He brought us to almost all temples but only sad that the day we’re there, almost daily in the afternoon was cloudy, where we’re unable to watch sunset. BUT the sunrise was breathtaking! Sary ensure we manage to watch it and he is kind enough to alter the sunrise plan after our “last-minute” decision to cancel via text to him (in the dawn though). He must’ve been woke up very early and half way reaching us and got our alteration text. Sorry for that man! And thanks very much for your services and you have make our first trip to Siem Reap a memorable & enjoyable one! *Oh, not to forget he’ll bring you to local sumptious meal while on your trip to temple. Just speak up bur for us, he’ll offer before we manage to express how hungry are we?*
    Highly recommend to all traveller especially girls, and Sary, wish you & family all the best & blessings.

  30. Sary was our driver 6 days in Siem Reap, and that was the best choice we can do to move around and know the temples; he always was on time waiting for us, he always know where to find the things we need, like the USB for our camera.

    He take us to all the temples, always waiting with patience for us, with a smile water and cool towels, that was a relief in the hot days.

    We highly recommend Sary if you go to visit Siem Reap, you will fill very satisfied with his services and always find a smile in his face.

  31. Second time in Siem Reap and second time I call Sary, he’s a really nice and polite guy and he’s really honest. I can call him a friend already.

    Coming to Siem Reap, if you need someone to show around, you should call him. His prices are convenient and I’m sure you will tip him because of his nice education and kindness. Please contact me if you need any info on this great guy. simonecabiddu77@gmail.com

    Simone – Italy – Sardinia

  32. Sary was my driver during my stay in Siem Reap in February 2016. I contacted Sary almost two months before visiting Siem Reap and remained in contact with him until my arrival. Despite not knowing whether I would even utilize his services upon arriving in Siem Reap, he was courteous and kind and responded to my emails in a very prompt, helpful, and professional manner.

    I was one hour late (for reasons beyond my control) getting into Siem Reap, yet, Sary was there patiently waiting, even without me having to contact him to let him know that I was going to be late. He then drove me to my desired destinations without hesitation, and gave great advice whenever he can.

    I highly recommend Sary to everyone needing a driver in Siem Reap. I will most certainly contact Sary again when I go back to Siem Reap in the future. Thank you very much, Sary, for your kindness, hospitality, excellent service. You really helped make my stay in Siem Reap rather easy and stress-free.

    Malcolm, USA

  33. Sary was our driver for 2 days, we saw all temples and overall can only say good words about the service. Sary takes the time and goes out of his way to show his customers something unique and special. As he has lived in Siem reap for many years, we talked also a lot about the daily Cambodian life. He is professional, honest and always on time.
    One day we asked him to show us the area where locals go out for drinks. He took us to Khmer Pub St for no extra cost and spent a good evening with local people and a couple of beers. If we are ever in Siem Reap again, we will definitely give him a call.

  34. I highly recommend the tuk tuk service provided by Lay, the brother of Sary. Lay can speak fluent English. He drives safely. He is friendly, trustworthy, reliable, humble, diligent, honest and polite. If you don’t have idea for meal, he would suggest the nice place for lunch and dinner. Besides, he also provides free drinking water. Furthermore, the price he charged is very affordable and reasonable.

  35. Initially we were asking Sary to be our tuk tuk driver for our 3 days trip in Siem Reap but he wasn’t free for those days so he got his brother Lay to be our driver for entire the trip.

    Lay is good, he is friendly, honest, trustworthy and he also has a good command of English. He knew exactly our plan and introduced a lot of nice places to us. On the first day he waited our arrival in the Siem Reap airport for quite some time but he wasn’t lose his patience.

    He brought us to temples and places around Siem Reap in the following two days and he charged us at very reasonable and affordable price. He even provided us with free mineral water!

    To anyone going to Siem Reap, you are highly recommended to engage Sary / Lay as your driver.

    Dear Lay, thanks for leaving us a wonderful memories in Siem Reap, wishing you all the best and hope your wife will have a safe and easy delivery of a baby. Enjoy your fatherhood?

    Warmest regards,
    Patrick, Ho & Ong

  36. Booked Sary tuktuk service for two days touring around Angkor Archaeological Site and also around Siem Reap. Very very recommended, He is punctual,friendly, helpful and also his price is very reasonable.

  37. If you are interested in Seam Reap and Angkor temples I highly suggest Sary as guide. Sary is competent, helpful, nice and speaks a perfect english. I was led by him for two days in Seam Reap and I could appreciate his professionalism. Thank you Sary and see you soon

  38. Thank you Mrs Eeleen. Good luck to you and your family. See you next time you come to Angkor. Best regards, Sary.

  39. Sary was busy so we had his brother for 1 day and him for another. I must say that both of them were superb in planning and we felt at ease visiting the temples with them. He was really punctual and replied promptly.

    Wonderful experience and highly recommended!

  40. Really recommend sary’s tuktuk services whenever in siem reap. Booked with him our short circuit and beng mealea tour with my husband in november, also for our tour with my 2 children in december.

    We felt safe even at night for some extra services going to sofitel hotel with my future daughter in law’s meet-up with her former training manager in sofitel siem reap.
    He also recommend a good massage parlor where he made a deal with the staff offering same price of $8 for a traditional khmer massage as with all other massage center. Their brochure price is $20!

    Thanks sary! We will get your tuktuk again whenever we will be in siem reap in the near future!

  41. Sary drove us around the temples for three days and did a good job. He’s a good, decent and efficient tuktuk driver. Also, his tuktuk was a fast one! His pricing is good, certainly not too expensive. He had some good tips as well. Like going for an early lunch, so that we could visit the Ta Prohm temple (from Tomb Raider) afterwards, without the loads of people (because they had lunch then). We’re glad Sary drove us around!

  42. Thank you very much Mrs Sue I am glad you and your family loved my beautiful city. Kind regards, Sary

  43. Our family of four (kids 11,12) found Sary thru google when needing a tuk tuk last minute late at night for the next morning. Sary was so accommodating and very professional. We used his service for the 3 days we were in Siem Teap. I strongly recommend him as a reliable affordable tuk tuk owner/driver

  44. I have been in Siem Reap for 3 days and used Sarys Tuk Tuk for 2 days. Both days were great, he has very good knowledge of the city and is always extremely friendly. His prices are very good too, whereas many other tuk tuk drivers try to overcharge tourists. Definitely recommend. 

  45. Gidday Sary
    Thank you so much for showing us around Siem Reip – we had a fabulous time. We felt safe and comfortable in your tuktuk and you waited patiently while we explored many temples, the lake and various museums. We enjoyed our conversations and with you and you taught us much about every day life in Cambodia.

    It was refreshing to meet such a hard working young man.

    Good luck to you and your family – stay safe


    Lynda Williams & Ross Noble
    Brisbane, Australia

  46. Hey Sary,
    Thanks for the great time in Siem Reap. Had lots of fun with our 2 kids going with you to all the terrific temples. Mary says to say Hello and thanks for looking after all the stuff she bought in the the markets in town, your tuktuk sure was full that day by the time she finished shopping. We just managed to get it all in the suitcases to take back home. If anyone is going to Siem Reap to see the temples like Angkor Wat then I can recommend this bloke (Sary), he knows his stuff. Knows all the places to see. For somewhere different to go, get him to also take you out to see the guys at the Landmine Museum. They do a good job looking after all the kids.

    Cheers mate,
    John (and Mary and the kids)

  47. Just back from our latest trip to Siem Reap. That is 3 trips in 3 years to Cambodia, so far. Thanks to Sary we have always had a great time in Siem Reap. My wife and I have loved going around the main temple sites, and loved all the extra places Sary took us to.

    The Cambodian people are always so friendly and welcoming. You will find a lot of them with little pocket dictionaries or notebooks where they write down words and facts, to help with their English language skills. The little children are always so cute, always laughing and smiling and waving to you. While it is a very poor country the people can still be happy with simple things.

    Sary, your services have been excellent. I highly recommend your Tuk Tuk Angkor Services to anyone going to Siem Reap. Good luck to you and your family. We are looking forward to our next trip to Siem Reap.

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